We Have Financing for Everyone
At Thompson Motor Sales we believe that when you tell someone they are approved
you should mean what you say!  Other dealers will tell you what you want to hear and
even let you take the car home before telling you that you need half down or that you
must have a co-signor.  We will always be upfront and honest with you.  If you have
good credit you can put a small downpayment and if you have bad credit you need a
big downpayment, but everyone is approved as long as you live in the Fresno city
area ( 40 mile radius ) and have the insurance and documents we need.
Good Credit    =    Approved  as low as  0 % down (with bank approval, oac)
No Credit        =    Approved  as low as 33 % down
(with bank approval, oac)
Slow Credit     =    Approved  as low as 39 % down
(Buy Here / Pay Here, oac)
Bad Credit      =    Approved  as low as 43 % down
(Buy Here / Pay Here, oac)

           The above structure is for auto financing only.

          Trailer Downpayments are up to the bank. (oac)

         ( In-House financing can have no Balance more then $4500 for cars. )
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Please Call or E-Mail... Rick or Kevin Thompson to apply.

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